How To Effectively Kill Termites

How To Effectively Kill Termites

Author: Anthony Galz

There\'s no need for you to move to another house just because termites have started living with you. There are ways and methods to learn how to kill termites as well as various companies that will do it for you. Know how to kill termites now and save your property.


Detecting Termites

Termite control should concern not only homeowners with existing termite problems but also with everyone who has a home. Even if you do not have a problem yet you should also know how to kill termites. This is because termites can survive almost anywhere. If your house has wooden components in it and you have moist surroundings, then you are in danger of termite infestation.

There are some instances of late termite infestation detection wherein the homeowners learn of termite problems only too late and only when the damage has already been done. It would therefore be a sensible idea to be watchful of winged termites, mud tunnels or hollowed wood that may all indicate the presence of termites.

Consulting Experts

In some cases, we may be tempted to perform the termite inspection and control ourselves. There is nothing really wrong with doing things yourself but asking experts to inspect your property and apply effective treatments is the real answer to the question of how to kill termites. Extermination companies know better how to kill termites and stop them from coming back. Your only real task is to find a good company. You can do that by asking people you trust to recommend you one and comparing prices and services before choosing one.

Pre Treatment

Contractors also know how to kill termites even before they begin to breed by adopting some sensible construction techniques. Before building a home, you can have your soil and wood pre treated with chemicals. You can also talk to your contractor about making sure that wooden parts and structures are safely elevated from the soil.


The newest method of killing termites effectively is by baiting. Exterminators who use this method may use wooden monitors to first attract termites and then replace the monitors with treated ones. Treated baits contain chemicals that can be ingested by workers and taken back to the colony. Once fed to the other members, the treatment can inhibit molting and can eventually result in the death of colony members.

Chemical Barrier

Exterminators also generally know how to kill termites through the usual chemical barrier. In this method, trenches and hole may be made on the areas surrounding the foundation. The trenches can then be filled with chemicals that can prevent termites from reaching the house or returning to the soil. Non-repellent chemicals may also be used and when ingested can result in termite death.


One complicated and aggressive technique for killing termites is the tenting. As the name suggests, it involves enclosing the house in a tent and fumigating it. Of course, this would mean vacating the house and taking with you any edible items or medications that may be contaminated. The extermination company will usually inform you what you should remove from the house and what else you should do. Common sense also says that you should inform your neighbors about your tenting procedure so they can keep away from the area.

Discover how to kill termites properly. For the best do it yourself termite control, trust only the words of experts.

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